People often remark on my apparent calm-itude, as in “I feel so much calmer after I talk to you,” or “you are so relaxing!” When I tell someone that I am not only not calm, but often on the very edge of hysteria, the person almost invariably protests “but you don’t look upset!”

Well let me tell you; sometimes I am upset. About nothing very important to anybody else. I generally do not rant, weep or rend my garments because I was raised to believe that such behavior is extraordinarily unnattractive and distracting. Instead, I break out in hives, develop ulcers, and eat too much. I believe that repression is not necessarily a bad thing; it spares others the endless hashing and re-hashing of emotions that are really only interesting to the person experiencing them.

In my other blog, I write about food and cooking and eating and generally present myself as a person who is not only calm but nice. Occasionally, for the sake of my itching skin, aching stomach and expanding waistline, I need to vent a bit. I would hate for all of my recipe-seeking friends to know the evil creature lurking under the apron, so I will engage in blog therapy over here.


9 Responses

  1. excellent! i’m an official bleader!

  2. claudia, this is my “fret.” I wasn’t smart enough to work it into the other blog. 🙂

  3. annie – you’re as smart as they come… nuff said.

  4. I just discovered your ‘other’ blog today and am glad that I did. BTW, over on my blog I tagged you to play a meme if you are interested or have a minute to play 🙂 junemoon

  5. Ann, this makes me laugh, because that is what people always say to me! But I make myself sick with my grief. I like how you decribe your “other blog” as showing the nice person. You are nice .. . but maybe not really, since you are keeping it all in?!? LOL

    That is why I’m enjoying writing my blog. It helps me sort out all the madness in my head. I get it.

  6. Michelle, thanks for reading this. I just always find that I want to say things that are waaaaay out of place on a food blog. I absolutely agree that the writing is a good therapy for the madness; I really don;t know how I’d live without an outlet, although I’m thinking I might be found on a tower with a rifle….

  7. Michelle (who is the niece of my cousin’s widow) pointed me towards your writing; I particularly love your portrait… I also had fun reading about your clothing memories. One of mine involved the “in” color that fall: pink and burgundy. I grew up in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, the ONLY place to find fishflies sticking to your screens in June, and a guaranteed Blue Thighs in Winter State, at least till we got the dress code changed so girls could wear pants. THAT’S how old I am.

    • LauraGrace, I’m impressed (and grateful) that you took the time to check out both the food blog and the “crazy woman ranting” blog. Thanks!! I am older than Michelle, but not old enough to have been required to wear skirts to school in winter. 🙂 Maybe the reward is that you get to live in Spain?

  8. I started reading your article about feng shui and found it really very, very funny. This made me curious about all the other stuff of yours and I opened your page properly, as I didn`t see your heading at start, but, oj weh is mir – your heading just scared me and “catapulted” me of there. What a pity, why, oh why this awful picture???

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